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The Step By Step Guide to Setting Up Your eXtreme Wish List
First you'll need to create an account. To do this, first go to and click on My Account. If you already have an eXtreme Restraints customer account just log in, if not, fill out your shipping information and create one.

Now that you're logged in, adding items to your wishlist is easy. Just browse our products. When you see something you like, select any preferences like color or size, and hit the "Add to wishlist" button.

As soon as you hit the "Add to wishlist" button you'll be taken to your wishlist management page. From here you can add things you want to your cart on your own, or you can remove them if you don't want them.

The most important part of the wish list is that it allows people to buy you presents. If you want people to buy presents for you, you need to give them the link at the top of your wish list. That link with your unique wishlist id will give them everything they need to browse your wishlist and purchase things for you. Try clicking on the link to see what they'll see when you give them the link.

When you look at the page you'll share, you'll notice that it identifies you with the first name that you put on your shipping address. That's all the information that your wishlist will ever share about you. In our example wishlist, which belongs to a real XR employee, only a first initial was used. You can buy things for this mystery employee, but you'll never be able to tell anything else about him or her. You can also
  use a nickname if you prefer. If you want to change your displayed name, just add a new address in your account's address book, and check the box to make it your wishlist address.

If you want more help linking to your wishlist on your website, blog, or social networking profile, click here: Wish List FAQ.

As an affiliate, you probably want to add your affiliate code to your wish list so you can make as much money whether people buy something for you or themselves. This is easy, just take your wish list code, and add &a=youraffiliatecode to the end of the url. For example, if your affiliate code were "profounder" you'd take your wishlist, looking like this:, and add the code like this:


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