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Article by Toydawg - Guru marketing manager for adult mall programs

Toydawg is often called upon to help people market their affiliate store programs. He has a lot of good advice to share about promoting your adult mall or affiliate store. Toydawg says, "More often than not, affiliates don't realize throwing up a link and calling it "sex toys" isn't the best way to market a store."

In this article, Toydawg talks about the importance of qualifying a customer to your adult mall. What that means is tell them exactly what you are giving them. Don't mislead them into thinking it's just another picture or video gallery. Don't be afraid to blatantly label your affiliate store. "You want them to come and shop on their terms, not to be disappointed that they thought it was a stream or a gallery. Use text like "Purchase DVDs Here," "Shop for Sex Toys," "Buy Vibrators Here," or "Great Deals on Lube."" Use effective text link in your site too. "You can effectively remind your surfers or members that you have an adult mall and what your adult mall offers." Use text links next to images or videos that use toys that are in your affiliate store. You can say things like "Double your pleasure with your own rocket vibe," and "Tie him/her up with furry cuffs."

Toydawg says "give surfers what they want by showing them where they can buy your products and you've all but made the sale."

"I hear a lot from webmasters that adult stores don't make them any money"

Toydawg hears this statement a lot. We do too. When asked, "why?", the webmaster usually says they don't know. After digging into their web site, usually we find they have put up only one link and it's probably buried in a link page somewhere. That is just not effective. The affiliate store shouldn't be a standalone lonely link. It should be incorporated throughout other areas of the site in order to get the surfer to buy on impulse.


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