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How to Link

To view your affiliate link, log into your affiliate account. Or you may take any URL off the eXtreme Restraints website and add ?a=yourcode at the end. Replace yourcode with your actual affiliate code.

For example, if your affiliate code is fetishworld and you want a direct link from your website to the eXtreme Restraints' store front then you'll want to add ?a=fetishworld to the URL like this:



1) "Store" Link on Main Navigation Bar:

The #1 most effective link you can make is through providing a "Store" button in the main navigation bar of your site. This allows your site to have a storefront available for visitors who are looking to purchase related items. The high visibility of the "Store" link on your main navigation bar allows access throughout every page of your site.

For example:

2) Direct Product Listings

Direct product links are one of the best ways to make affiliate sales off your site -- Click Hereto learn how to make a direct product link.

Top Sellers: If you are directly promoting items, these are the ones to use. They are proven sellers:

Best Techniques:
  • Most sites have a "What's New" or "Current Events" section. Promote the store or an item here; it's usually the first place a member looks when they enter the site. Most adult malls also have a section where surfers can grab a "new product!" or follow a link to similar products. Plus, this is free content.
  • If you have image galleries of girls/guys using a toy, put a link or banner at the bottom of the page or next to the image and tell them they can get the very same toys to play with here.
  • If you have a niche site focusing on a particular girl/guy, the performer can provide a "top five" of their favorite products, a wish list, or "as seen in this gallery."
  • If you provide erotic stories and a story references an item such as a piece of lingerie or a toy, hot link to that item in the store. Erotic stories are probably one of the best ways to target surfers because you are catching them in the mood, and it adds a "visual" to the text.

3) Build a Targeted Niche Site to promote a product

As an affiliate, you can build and promote targeted "small sites" where specific products are offered or featured. When a surfer makes a purchase by coming through your links, you will receive a commission for the sale. You do not have to stock goods or ship them, and returns are handled by us. It's a remarkably simple, seamless operation. Very Simple!

For example, let's say you have created a community site based around chastity belts. Along with your articles or content about chastity belts you can recommend specific chastity devices for sale on eXtreme Restraints. Direct product links with pictures or direct product links in the text of your content work well in this situation.

4) Power Banner Placement

A well placed banner on your site can yield you better results.
Follow these 3 simple guidelines and watch your sales improve:
  • Banners placed on the first screen in the top right hand corner usually receive two times more click-throughs than banners on the top or bottom of the page.
  • Banners placed 1/3 from the bottom of the page generate 75% more click-throughs than a banner on the bottom of the page.
  • Match the banner to the content of the page.

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