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Check Out Our Featured Products Check Out Our Featured Products  


How do you want it? We have several different banners available for you to browse and use. They are of a variety of different sizes, length and products, including general web store banners.

Specific Products or Sections:
Available Sizes:
150 x 150

125 x 125

120 x 240

Pussy Stroker Display 120x240Stretchmaster Display 120x240

Hitachi Banners
Recommended link :

Specials Banners
Recommended link :

99 cent specials banners
Recommended link :

99 cent toy

Electro Sex Banners
Recommended link :

eXtreme Bondage Banners
Recommended link :

Fucking Machines Banners
Recommended link :

150 x 250

Pussy Stroker Display 150x250
Stretchmaster Display 150x250

468 x 60

468 x60 Banner
468 x 60 Banner

468 x 80 Banner
468 x 80 banner
468 x 80 Banner
468 x 80 Banner

Pussy Stroker Display 468x60

600 x 100

Bondage Gear
Recommended link :

Easy Access Restraint System
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728 x 90

120 x 600

250 x 250

Kitty in a Can Pussy Stroker
Recommended link :

Pussy Stroker Display 468x60


Stretch Master - Penis Enlarger
Recommended link :

Stretchmaster Display 468x60

The Vibrating Honey Pot Stroker
Recommended link :





Choose the banner size you need from the list above and the page will automatically refresh.


To view your affiliate link, log into your affiliate account. Or you may take any URL off the eXtreme Restraints website and add ?a=yourcode at the end. Replace yourcode with your actual affiliate code.

For example, if your affiliate code is fetishworld and you want a direct link from your website to the eXtreme Restraints' store front then you'll want to add ?a=fetishworld to the URL like this:


A well placed banner on your site can yield you better results.
Follow these 3 simple guidelines and watch your sales improve:

  • Banners placed on the first screen in the top right hand corner usually receive two times more click-throughs than banners on the top or bottom of the page.
  • Banners placed 1/3 from the bottom of the page generate 75% more click-throughs than a banner on the bottom of the page.
  • Match the banner to the content of the page.
The "Hearts and Handcuffs" Valentine's Day Event Banners

Right now, you can promote our "Hearts and Handcuffs" event to your customers. Simply grab one of the banners below and link to this page with your affiliate code:









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